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What to do in Barbados?

Plan your day in Barbados with the Barbados Events and Things to do Calendar Guide to see hourly schedules of dates and times of what to do in Barbados.

Barbados Events

Barbados Events is a new calendar guide platform, which assists with the promotion and exposure of all activities and events taking place in Barbados.

This new platform is updated on a daily basis, mobile friendly and allows people to easily access lists of things to do in Barbados, with up-to-date information, essential to planning your day with many activities on island.

You can also download Barbados event schedules with our mobile apps for tablet or smartphones.

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Types of Events in Calendar Guide

Each event is sorted according to color-coded categories, making it easy to plan your holidays using desktop computers, smartphones or any mobile device.

Included in our daily calendars, locals or visitors will find descriptions of events, activities and things to do in Barbados. Stay up-to-date with the latest information on upcoming events, festivals, attractions and nightlife, including all types of recreational events taking place in Barbados.

Recommended Events
— Attractions
— Bars
— Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
— Charitable
— Crop Over
— Festivals
— Free Events
— Movies
— Music
— Nightlife and Entertainment
— Public holidays
— Sports and Recreation

Directions, Maps and Locations

Google maps are included to provide directions and locations of each event venue island wide.

Are you an Event Organizer?

Event organizers can easily promote their functions within our calendar guide.

Submit your event with event date and time, location details, event cost, ticket information and organizer contact info. Include the admission prices, location details, with all types of multimedia, including flyers, posters and other promotional material, for inclusion into our Totally Barbados event calendar guide.

How to Subscribe?

Subscribers can be notified on a daily, weekly or monthly basis for upcoming events and to learn more about what’s on in Barbados.

Directly connected to the events calendar is the tourism destination guide of Barbados, providing interesting information to people all over the world looking for an island holiday destination.

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